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My Promise

As an NYC Civil Court Judge, I will be a humble servant of the law and of the People of this amazing city. In my courtroom, justice will not be a benefit reserved only to those with titles, wealth, privilege, pedigree, or status. It will be available to all, and it will be meted out with kindness, sound factual and legal reasoning, and respect for the people, laws, and institutions that make NYC a city like no other.  Therefore, I promise to bring the Constitution to life in my courtroom and to make Lady Justice proud: 


  • I will always interpret the LAW rationally, dispassionately and consistent with my oath to uphold the laws and constitutions of this great City, State, and Nation. In my courtroom, no one will be above the law.  


  • I will always LISTEN to the parties who come before me. Their relevant arguments will receive my full consideration. In my courtroom, no one will need to possess a law degree or “speak like a lawyer” to be heard and respected.


  • Intellectual honesty, logical consistency, compassion, sympathy, fealty to the law and common sense will, together, serve as the foundation of my JUDICIAL PHILOSOPHY. I will strive to ensure just outcomes, within the bounds of the law and judicial discretion, in all I adjudicate.


Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me and to learn about my qualifications to be an NYC Civil Court Judge. I humbly ask for your support and vote.


Be kind, always,

E. Deronn Bowen, Esq.

Democratic Candidate for NYC Civil Court