Meet Deronn


A Little About Me

Dear Friends:


I am E. Deronn Bowen, and I am proud to be your Democratic Party candidate for NYC Civil Court Judge. I humbly ask for your support and vote. I believe that my personal and professional experiences as an attorney, a mathematics educator, a resident of Harlem, and an African American and out gay man make me a uniquely qualified candidate for judicial office. These experiences and traits will inform my analyses of legal and factual issues, thus ensuring that the law is applied fairly, impartially, and compassionately to each litigant who comes before me.


Honestly, growing up in poverty as the only child of a single mom, I never imagined that someday I would be running for the office of Judge. But, with the support of wonderful teachers, professors, mentors, family, and friends who have blessed me with their collective wit, wisdom, and support, here I stand ready, willing and able to work diligently toward bringing justice to life in my courtroom.


In supporting my election to be the next NYC Civil Court Judge, you are supporting someone whose career path has always arced in the direction of service to others. As a public defender with The Legal Aid Society of NYC, I fought tirelessly for my clients in trial courtrooms in every borough of NYC, and in the New York State appellate courts. I won dismissals of hundreds of cases, reversals of convictions obtained unlawfully, and I negotiated countless favorable dispositions that spared my clients jail, onerous probation or parole requirements, and the potential loss of employment, immigration status, parental rights or housing. Most importantly, I made certain that my clients’ voices and concerns were heard, and their rights respected and protected.  In my courtroom as a NYC Civil Court Judge, I will ensure that the rights of all before me are respected as sacrosanct.

A Thriving Career

Currently, I am a principal appellate court attorney for the Appellate Term, Second Department. In that capacity, I review the work of NYC Civil and Criminal Courts and advise appellate justices on whether the law was interpreted and applied correctly, equitably and with an eye toward justice. Doing justice within the parameters established by the federal and state constitutions and legislatures is my duty now, and will remain a lodestar for my work as an NYC Civil Court Judge.


My dedication to service was evident well before I earned my Juris Doctorate and began my legal career in 2010. I am a mathematics educator with 25 years of secondary and post-secondary teaching experience at such institutions as the University of Michigan (GO BLUE!!), Fordham University, the University of Miami and Nova Southeastern University. Throughout my legal career, I have mentored multiple college and law student interns, and I have presented formal talks about different legal practice areas. I have done so in hopes of furthering their love of the law and stoking in them a passion to use their legal training to protect and further human rights, address systemic inequalities and wrongs, and serve their communities. As an NYC Civil Court Judge, I will remain an educator because I love explaining and demonstrating logical problem solving and objective analysis, and because I believe that helping broaden young people’s minds is among the highest forms of service. I want to always do right by the nickname “Teach” that my students and friends call me more often than they use my actual name.

Putting My Experience to Work




University of Miami School of Law

Coral Gables, FL

Juris Doctor, cum laude, May 2010


Court Attorney, Unified Court System of New York State

(Apr 2017 – Present)


Principal Appellate Court Attorney, Appellate Term, Second Department 

(Nov 2018 – Present)


Principal Court Attorney, Queens County Criminal Court 

(Apr 2017 – Nov 2018)


As a court attorney to, first, an NYC Criminal Court Judge and, second, an intermediate New York State appellate court, I have

served in a confidential capacity, advising them on how the law applies to a variety of cases. My central responsibility in this

regard is to get the law right. Thus, the fair, dispassionate analysis of the law and facts to a case, that one would rightly expect

of an NYC Civil Court Judge, is a large part of my current job description.


Public Defender, The Legal Aid Society, New York, NY

(Dec 2010 – Apr 2017)

Staff Attorney, Criminal Defense Practice, Appeals Bureau

(Oct 2014 – Apr 2017)


Staff Attorney, Criminal Defense Practice, Trial Bureau

(Dec 2010 – Oct 2014)


As a public defender for The Legal Aid Society, I lived by the motto that no one should be denied equal access to justice. My duty was to bring the Constitution to life and ensure that each and every single one of my clients charged with a criminal violation received nothing less than the fullest of my passionate, intellectual, and vigorous representation.  As an NYC Civil Court Judge, my seriousness, intellectualism and passion for justice will remain firm.

Small Claims Arbitrator, New York City Civil Court (June 2019 – Present)


In a nutshell, I’m like Judge Judy! As a volunteer small claims arbitrator, I conduct hearings and inquests, and render monetary

awards (up to $10,000), over matters such as rent & security deposit disputes; property damage claims; and breach of warranty/contract claims. As an arbitrator, I already demonstrate the temperament, intellect and common sense required of an NYC Civil Court Judge.