Meet Deronn


A Little About Me


Dear Fellow Manhattanites,


I am E. Deronn Bowen, and I am running to be your next Civil Court Judge. I humbly ask for your vote. I believe that my personal and professional experiences as an attorney, a math educator, a resident of the Hamilton Heights section of Harlem, and an out, African American, gay man make me a uniquely qualified candidate for judicial office.


Honestly, growing up in poverty as the only child of a single mom, I never imagined that someday I would be running for judicial office. But, by the grace of God, and the support of wonderful teachers, professors, mentors, family, and friends who have blessed me with their collective wit, wisdom, and support, here I stand ready, willing and able to devote myself to ensuring that the law is applied fairly, impartially, and compassionately to each and every person who stands before me in my courtroom. I do not enter this race lightly, and I do not run for power. I do not see judicial robes as symbols of “power.” I see them as symbols of service to the People of this amazing community, and service is something about which I always have been passionate.

A Thriving Career

As a public defender with The Legal Aid Society of NYC, I fought tirelessly for my clients in trial courtrooms of every borough, and in the Appellate Division and Appellate Term of the First and Second Judicial Departments. Now, as a court attorney for the Appellate Term, Second Department, I am equally dedicated to ensuring that the federal and state Constitutions, and the will of the federal and state Legislatures, are faithfully followed and soundly interpreted in every case on which I work.  

My dedication to service and fairness extends to well before I earned my J.D. in 2010 and began my legal career. As an educator with nearly 25 years’ experience, I have taught college students here in NYC and across the country, including my alma mater the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI — GO BLUE!), Broward College (Fort Lauderdale, FL) and Brookdale Community College (Lincroft, NJ). Even after switching from education to law as a full-time profession, I have continued to teach, because I love explaining the logical processes that lead to reasonable conclusions—the same thing I have been doing as an attorney, and will continue to do as a Judge of the Civil Court. In fact I am teaching a mathematics course at Fordham University’s Lincoln Center Campus this Spring 2021 semester. I have also tutored and mentored middle school, high school, and college students over the years. And, in my legal career, I have mentored and taught multiple college and law student interns in an effort to further inspire their love for the law and their passion to use their legal training as a force to protect the rights of those less fortunate, correct systemic wrongs, serve the community and respect the Constitution. As a Judge of the Civil Court, I will continue to work with young people of all backgrounds as they strive to achieve their dreams. I will always be an educator, no matter what career position I hold because I believe that helping expand young people’s minds is among the highest forms of service.  I guess my family and friends calling me “Teach,” since I was a teen and up to this very day, was quite prophetic.

My Promise

Understanding that the judicial robes are symbols of service, the robes I don will be a silent, but steadfast declaration to my dedication as a servant of the law and a servant of the People of New York City. In my courtroom, justice will not be a benefit reserved for those with titles, privilege, pedigree, or status. It will available to all who are deserving and will be meted out with kindness, diligence, and respect for the people, laws, and institutions of this amazing city. Therefore, I promise that, as a Judge of the Civil Court, I will continue to use the gifts with which I have been so blessed to bring the Constitution to life in my courtroom and to make Lady Justice proud: 


  • I will always interpret THE LAW logically, rationally, and consistent with my oath to uphold the laws and constitutions of this great City, State, and Nation. In my courtroom, no one will be above the law. 

  • I will always listen to THE LITIGANTS who come before me. Their relevant arguments and concerns will receive my full consideration. In my courtroom, no one will need a law degree or need to “speak like a lawyer” to be heard and respected.


  • Empathy, sympathy, and common sense will guide THE DECISIONS I make as a Judge. All that I do will be informed by the law, common sense, my life experiences, and the lessons I have learned from the many amazing people whose paths I have been blessed to cross. I will take the time to understand the circumstances surrounding each case before me to ensure an outcome that is justly responsive to the needs of those before me.  

I humbly ask for your support, and I welcome the opportunity to meet with you, your friends and your Democratic Club to further discuss the experience, maturity, intellect, and compassion I will bring to bear in service to the great NYC as a Judge of the Civil Court. 


In Unity,


E. Deronn Bowen